Get Real With Robin!

Ep. 25 Why are we so captivated by true crime?

Co-Hosts: Kirk Nurmi, Holly and Kenzie of the Crimeaholics Podcast

OJ Simpson and the trial of the century. Most of us remember exactly where we were when that verdict was read. We were glued to the TV set as if it involved one of our own family members. Many of us followed the trial from gavel-to-gavel and were captivated by the story unfolding. Then there are those other cases that captured our attention like Scott and Lacey Peterson, Casey and Caylee Anthony, Drew Peterson, Jodi Arias, Chris Watts, The Doomsday Mom and so on.

Networks like Court TV, Oxygen, Discovery ID and even Netflix have jumped into the arena of focusing on true crime with live trial coverage, serial killer documentaries and shows like Making a Murderer, Forensic Files, The Confession Tapes, Snapped, Dirty John, Fear they Neighbor and even the crazy world of The Tiger King.

Why are we so captivated with these trials and shows? Psychologists have said true crime stories allow us to explore the darker side of nature in a safe way, and that watching crime shows can trigger chemical reactions in our bodies, while also affirming our moral views about right and wrong. We as members of the collective are here to crack the case wide open and have a real discussion about why true crime has become such an obsession.

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