Get Real With Robin!

Ep. 3 Capitalizing on Mass Incarceration

The staggering numbers of repeat offenders is mind-blowing! Recidivism is at an all-time high with little to no reform being offered to those incarcerated. Many of those behind prison walls will eventually rejoin society. What can we do to ensure that they can lead a productive life and not re-offend? Why are there more private prisons being built every day? Join us as we get real and delve into prison for profit and prison reform.

Co-Host Chris Martin

Chris Martin is the author of the book One Life, the subject of the documentary #HATERSMAKEMEFAMOUS, the host of the TV show Convicted Creations and the host of the podcast Haters Make Me Famous.

Chris' journey from being a kid in the system to then an adult in the system has educated him on how flawed the system really is. He shares his knowledge in hopes to shed light on how we can make the system better in order to help others become productive members of society after spending time behind bars.

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