Get Real With Robin!

Ep. 7 Crush That F'ING Box!

Your mindset is everything! If you're stuck and not knowing what to do, maybe your mindset needs a reboot. Maybe it's time for you not to just think outside of the box but to crush that damn f'ing box and let your creative positive energy force take over!

Co-Host Tray Goodman

Tray Goodman is a visionary who provides practical, inspirational and often times satirical commentary on enlightened ways to see yourself and those around you.

Tray's work has been described as inspired, transformative, and urgent. His expansive career has been an exploration of the evolving models of communication, allowing him to internalize the impact of narrative in a way that makes film and literature his intuitive expression rather than an exercise of craft.

He takes what he refers to as a "non-lateral," approach to storytelling, understanding that the most comprehensive translation of our world involves not just looking backwards and forwards, but also looking outward and inward. Reflection upon the past and anticipation of what is to come are the critical scaffolding of our shared experiences, but aspiration and introspection are the dimensions that engender our most authentic truths.

He is a man who rejects constraints. He draws his inspiration from the international landscape, and his extensive travels continually inform and refine his personal ethos.

His book "Crushing Your Box - A Modern Guide to Finding and Improving Your Creative Positive Energy Force," encourages you to think outside and around and above the traditional "boxes" that say "you have to do it this way" or that tell us "you can't do that" or that drag us into thinking that "nothing ever seems to work out for me." By focusing on one CYB philosophy, or three philosophies, or any combination thereof, in any order you choose, you will be taking the necessary steps towards Crushing Your Box!

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