Dave Pratt Behind The Mic...and Beyond! Audio Book

The award winning autobiography is now updated and presented in audio form with music and more. To make it easy for you, this audiobook is available on both desktop and all mobile devices, for FREE! Even better, “Dave Pratt, Behind the Mic…..And Beyond!” is now told in the “The Mayor’s” own voice. Why is it free? The Pratt family loves to help other people. If you enjoy it, just do something nice for somebody. Help another person out, volunteer some time or make a donation on your own to your favorite charity. WHATEVER! We hope this journey brings you love and laughter along the journey of a Broadcast and Entertainment Hall of Fame career that spans 5 decades plus a life with family, friends and fun! We hope this story inspires you to reflect on your own life, your own future and most importantly, what is truly important.

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