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Positive stories and commentary about law enforcement. Two retired cops sharing stories, insight, experience, a healthy dose of humor and building bridges between the police and the community. The Badge Boys welcome compelling guests, funny and stupid suspect stories plus engaging topics from today’s headlines. ‘Whatcha Gonna Do With The Boys In Blue”

RETIRED PHOENIX POLICE SERGEANT DARREN BURCH - Sergeant Darren Burch is a 29-year veteran with the Phoenix Police Department and was the Silent Witness Program Director. His prior assignments include Detective Supervisor with the Crimes Against Children Unit, Night Detective Supervisor with the Homicide Unit, and Detective with Adult Sex Crimes Unit. The bulk of his investigative career was dedicated to the apprehension of sexual predators. With over 30 years of law enforcement experience, having also held positions with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and U.S. Army Military Intelligence, Darren has received various awards to include the Medal of Lifesaving and the Army Commendation Medal. He was also named “Investigator of the Year” by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, “Detective of the Year” by the Phoenix Police Department and has over 100 written commendations

RETIRED PHOENIX POLICE OFFICER JASON SCHECHTERLE At the age of 26, Jason achieved his dream to work on the streets of Phoenix as a rookie police officer. Then, only 14 months into what was supposed to be a life-long career, Jason's life took a tragic turn. On the night of March 26th, 2001, a taxi cab crashed into the rear of Jason's patrol car. Upon impact, Jason's car burst into flames, trapping him inside with temperatures reaching over 700 degrees.. Jason suffered severe burns to over 40% of his body which drastically altered his appearance. He has undergone more than 50 surgeries just to have the ability to accomplish simple daily tasks. Jason's journey chronicles his fight for life, his triumph over tragedy and the inspiration that enables him to continue to overcome unimaginable adversity. His story is also a testament of true love and the dedication Jason and his wife have in their commitment to honor their family and the vows of marriage in good times and bad. Jason represents the human experience at its very best - an ascent from despair to describing himself as the luckiest person alive!

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Ep. 149 State trooper loses his job for refusing vaccine mandate and his last radio sign-off goes viral after telling the governor off.


Ep. 148 Retired DPS Trooper Ken Emerson talks about the national shortage of police officers and how his business finds police jobs for military veterans.


Ep. 147 In this Looney Law Special Darren also shares how his Crimestoppers nonprofit fundraising book grew into an Award-Winning Twisted But True book trilogy and an ID Channel True-Crime Show.


Ep. 146 Retired cop and author Dr. Ron Rufo talks about his brave police colleagues and fallen Officer Ella French in a special Badge Boy’s Chicago Police edition.


Ep. 145 Veteran’s Day Special with Vietnam War Hero and Helicopter Pilot Ret Major Frank Moreno


Ep. 144 A retired cop, shot multiple times at a domestic dispute call, now volunteers her time to help other police officers survive their physical and emotional trauma.


Ep. 143 A K-9 Sergeant teaches police across the country how to survive tactically and emotionally sharing his experiences having been in four separate gunfights.


Ep. 142 Veterans Draft House Bill to help police officers and other first responders


Ep. 141 Award-winning author and producer Kevin Jackson’s film Bleeding Blue shows the truth behind the lying media and politicians.


Ep. 140 Sharing her life-threatening marital story, the author of Victim No More! - Robin Cote headlines this very special Domestic Violence Awareness Episode.


Ep. 139 Sgt Glenn Topping shares the Hurt and Humor of a police career in South Florida


Ep. 138 Police Officer Roger Ballard is just one of many cops targeted and fired for private social media posts that cop-haters subjectivity deem are insensitive.


Ep. 137 Andre Alexsen and his A-team of first responders travel the globe, supporting law enforcement and performing record breaking, death-defying feats for their TV show: The Adrenaline Man


Ep. 136 Listen to a story of a career more than worth the ups and downs. The best Law Enforcement has to offer. Phoenix PD Asst. Chief Bryan Chapman


Ep. 135 Retired police officer Chris Hoyer talks about the mental wellness of surviving a police shooting in his book When That Day Comes Training For The Fight


Ep. 134 Looney Laws Special


Ep. 133 Cmdr Rizzo wrote Copikaze to help officers survive a career in law enforcement and to help citizens understand what it takes to be a police officer


Ep. 132 Detective Sean Reavie’s superhero based nonprofit Put on the Cape empowers child abuse victims to become super survivors


Ep. 131 Deputy Clyde Kerr’s last words about unity and “Only Life Matters” before his suicide has been distorted and falsified by the media to create more division


Ep. 130 Chief Chris Moore recounts the night two patrol officers were murdered and the leadership it took to help their squad mates survive massive PTSI


Ep. 129 Retired Chief Rey Nejo talks about how police work and sentencing is different on tribal land while also shares some death defying stories


Ep. 128 Retired Sgt. Michael Sugrue talks about surviving an encounter with a crazed knife wielding madman & saving lives, only to be attacked in civil court - why Qualified Immunity is important.


Ep. 127 The human lie detector Retired Detective Steven David Lampley talks about his expertise.


Ep. 126 In tribute to the COPS series creator’s death- veteran cameraman Rob Hart shares stories about filming those classic shows and their brotherhood with the COPS


Ep. 125 A living nightmare that can happen to any cop and how his wife’s journey against the injustice can help all police.


Ep. 124 Retired Army Ranger and best selling author Colonel Grossman talks about the current war on cops.


Ep. 123 Officer Brandon Griffith talks about the day he died and how his heartfelt nonprofit Blue Heart saves lives.


Ep. 122 Stories of World War 2 heroism by a little brother cop


Ep. 121 Memorial Day Special - 3 generations of veterans from WWII Battle of the Bulge, Vietnam and the Cold War and how they went from defending their country to protecting their community as cops.


Ep. 120 The dangers of online threats to our children and adding the anti- to social media


Ep. 119 A fire torched her police career but from the ashes she created the Kaylana Project that helps officers suffering from PTSD


Ep. 118 Badge Boys’ Fallen Police Officer Chris Farrar Tribute Special with Dr. Katherine Kuhlman


Ep. 117 A Badge Boys Fallen Hero Memorial Special


Ep. 116 A Debate Special between a Renowned Defense Attorney and Retired DA Prosecutor over the Elimination of Qualified Immunity for Police Officers


Ep. 115 Retired Homicide Detective Bill Hanson Talks about a Sex Crimes Murder Case That Hit Too Close To Home


Ep. 114 Cold Case murder special on the Jeff Bellemare murder case - Thanksgiving 2013


Ep. 113 101 Health Tips For Police Officers During This Difficult Time To Be A Cop


Ep. 112 Opposing views discussed as Kirk Nurmi preps for the Badge Boys Eliminating Qualified Immunity For Police Officers Debate


Ep. 111 The Atlanta Massage Parlors Massacre isn’t about the killer’s alleged sex addiction - it’s about a sexual predator’s homicidal desire


Ep. 110 Musician, firefighter and now podcast host - not even a tragic near death fall from a billboard can keep this good man down


Ep. 109 Police Dispatcher Turns Author and Uses Humorous Books to Help with PTSD


Ep. 108 Decorated NY Detective creates non-profit, Fund The First, as a trusted fundraiser platform


Ep. 107 From grieving his father’s unsolved murder to giving other families hope of justice with Project Cold Case


Ep. 106 The boys have fun with true crime podcaster Rebekah Sebastian


Ep. 105 Internet Crimes Expert Teaches parents and teachers how to keep kid’s safe from online sexual predators during the pandemic


Ep. 104 Badge Boys and Crimeaholics unite to help solve the murder of a man buried alive, to bring justice to his grieving mother


Ep. 103 A Spice Kingpin’s Cautionary Tale of Redemption and Rehabilitation


Ep. 102 Retired Cop and Forensic Computer Expert Helps Officers Keep their private information off the internet with


Ep. 101 Hotshots team with Prisons to transform inmates into wild-land firefighting heroes


Ep. 100 Dave Pratt - The man behind the curtain, the creator of Badge Boys


Ep. 99 A Christmas gift from Military wives, helping Law Enforcement to solve crimes


Ep. 98 Portland - A tale of two cities; before and after defunding the police


Ep. 97 The one case that haunts you and the tenacious detective who wouldn't give up until he caught the monster


Ep. 96 Meet the most interesting man in the world - The Story Hustler, Mike Watkiss


Ep. 95 He reinvented himself from being a prisoner to saving lives as a Hotshot fighting wildfires in this rehabilitation story


Ep. 94 Happy Thanksgiving Day Special - We are grateful to our many listeners and today's guest, the Author of the Green Wall, DJ Vodika


Ep. 93 An exclusive interview with the cop who reported the very first child molestation case against Michael Jackson - ADULT CONTENT WARNING


Ep. 92 Surviving a critical incident and the aftermath. Sometimes the pool table has to wait


Ep. 91 Deputized civilian Charles Tangney talks about his stint catching homicide fugitives for this Election Day Special


Ep. 90 Let your vulnerability be your strength. The reality of law enforcement effects


Ep. 89 Det. Randall Snyder and Global Speaker Holly Dowling expose the insidiously evil world of Internet Crimes Against Children


Ep. 88 Helping first responders to empty their psychological garbage can - Under the Shield's Stress Coach Susan Simons


Ep. 87 From Post Incident Stress & Trauma in Law Enforcement (P.I.S.T.L.E.) to Post Traumatic Growth


Ep. 86 Brutally attacked by a homicidal Uncle and surviving the ordeal to tell the tale in Moving Mountains- a Hero's Journey


Ep. 85 Retired Cop sells home for Blue Line RV Adventures and travels the country as an ambassador for police


Ep. 84 Media Bias against police with LinkedIn silencing pro-police voices and CNN not reporting the violence and brutality to police


Ep. 83 Canadian Law Enforcement expert talks about their views of the riots from behind the border


Ep. 82 A tale of two lawless cities and the injured Cops who've been hurt by Politicians


Ep. 81 Cops wear bulletproof vests but how will Officers shield themselves from anti-police laws during this paradigm shift against law enforcement


Ep. 80 Child Crimes Detective’s Superhero Charity Saves Abused Children.


Ep. 79 A tale of two Chief's sharing their PTS stories


Ep. 78 The Righteous Rising from the Ashes of the Riots


Ep. 77 From training for the Olympics to saving lives as a cop. The perfect female role model


Ep. 76 Wonderful organizations honoring our Fallen Heroes and helping their families


Ep. 75 Our Fallen Heroes and How We Honor Them in Today's World


Ep. 74 Police career ending injury leads to a foundation helping wounded heroes


Ep. 73 From walking the beat to sitting on the bench - Judge Donald Watts


Ep. 72 A Forensic Consultant's Look at the Psychology of a Triple Homicide


Ep. 71 A Warriors Journey - From being a rookie cop on the reservation in the 70's with a broken gun to becoming a leader as the Gila River Chief of Police


Ep. 70 Retired ATF Agent & Author of Burn Boston Burn details the largest Arson Case In American history


Ep. 69 Rockford Files meets the Odd Couple


Ep. 68 Turning the power of addiction into the passion of reinventing a better you


Ep. 67 Working undercover and solving the infamous hot dog caper


Ep. 66 Helping our children one super hero at a time


Ep. 65 Special Covid-19 Edition with Law Enforcement Legend and Surgeon General Dr. Richard Carmona


Ep. 64 From saving yourself in foster care to saving our children from human trafficking


Ep. 63 A Rape Victim’s Journey of Moving Mountains With Her Words - A Sexual Assault Awareness Month Special


Ep. 62 Surviving Jodi Arias - A defense attorney’s journey


Ep. 61 Tribute to fallen Commander Greg Carnicle - When failure to comply leads to a heroes End of Watch


Ep. 60 Bella's back! Honoring her father and collecting police patches one city at a time


Ep. 59 With the Corona Virus outbreak, let's take a lesson from Chris Martin and mellow out


Ep. 58 How the love of a brother keeps a fallen Police Chief's legacy alive


Ep. 57 A police officers suicide and the fallout


Ep. 56 Suicide prevention is about connecting and inspiring hope - a survivor's story


Ep. 55 A real taste of Chicago PD


Ep. 54 Volunteering to back the blue and first responders


Ep. 53 The cop, the stalker and the mobsters. A true story!


Ep. 52 Life after police work and another dream come true


Ep. 51 Finding your voice and breaking free after being held hostage in the nation's longest prison stand off


Ep. 50 Bullet Proof - How a mother survived the murder of her children


Ep. 49 Patches for Bella - The legacy of fallen DPS Officer Christopher Marano


Ep. 48 Fallen Officer David Glasser - A story of heroism in a hail of bullets


Ep. 47 Expect nothing but be ready for anything - Surviving a lethal encounter behind the badge


Ep. 46 Delving deep into the Bill of Rights. Do we really know what it means?


Ep. 45 Front Toward Enemy - A Gold Star Widows Journey


Ep. 44 A rookie cops journey of corruption, hookers and redemption


Ep. 43 A shotgun blast to the face and still walking tall, wearing the badge


Ep. 42 A cop with cancer - As a first responder, this episode may save your life!


Ep. 41 Lights, camera, action! From behind the badge to now behind the camera producing real-life cop stories


Ep. 40 The strategies of surveillance


Ep. 39 From buffing scissors to polishing a badge - Retired Homicide Detective Paul Dalton


Ep. 38 From working detective cases to running a police department


Ep. 37 From atrocities to surviving a war zone as an International cop


Ep. 36 Proclaimed nuclear cockroach survives anti-cop group's efforts and continues to help community and police


Ep. 35 Every cop has a story to tell. From fan to guest: King County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division Chief, Troy Olmsted


Ep. 34 9/11 Tower Survivor and First Responders Special Edition


Ep. 33 Surviving an active shooter in the workplace with Dave Acosta


Ep. 32 How to prepare and fight back in our new normal of mass shootings


Ep. 31 Laughter behind the badge: Even cops have a funny bone


Ep. 30 Surviving the aftermath of being taken hostage in the nation's longest prison stand-off


Ep. 29 Terror behind the badge: Being held captive during the nation's longest prison stand-off


Ep. 28 From saving lives at crash sites to saving souls, this Houston Deputy turned chaplain does it all


Ep. 27 Overcoming the trauma of the Oklahoma City bombing with Retired Firefighter Chris Fields


Ep. 26 Retired cop breaks international kidnapping trade


Ep. 25 The tales of Titanium Trish: From bullets to beaus


Ep. 24 999- Officer Down. Honoring the memory of Police Officer Marc Atkinson


Ep. 23 What they risked for our Independence


Ep. 22 Angels on Patrol and Charley's Heroes


Ep. 21 That one case that sticks with you: The murder of Gabe


Ep. 20 Murder for hire: The country's most successful undercover agent


Ep. 19 The aftermath at Ground Zero seen through the eyes of a first responder


Ep. 18 Best generation to next generation: Honoring all those who serve


Ep. 17 There is a super hero in all of us


Ep. 16 No Angel -To hell and back


Ep. 15 Diversity without division


Ep. 14 The night a gunman took a newsroom hostage, with legendary broadcaster Mary Jo West


Ep. 13 Taming the Serpent: How neuroscience can revolutionize modern law enforcement training


Ep. 12 Delving into the power of the mind with SWAT Officer, Tactics Instructor and Author, Mike Malpass


Ep. 11 From victim to victory: Taking your life back!


Ep. 10 Victims Advocates: The true heroes of crime fighting


Ep. 9 The inside story of Ernesto Miranda and the Miranda Rights


Ep. 8 A desperate cry for help when a young father loses his life in a freeway shooting. The unsolved case of Mack Rue.


Ep. 7 Irish Angel: A safe haven for law enforcement, first responders and military around the world


Ep. 6 City on alert! The story of the Baseline Killer/Rapist


Ep. 5 A ray of hope amidst a tragedy. The 100 club; honoring our fallen first responders and their families


Ep. 4 Hunting for a madman: Terror on the streets of Phoenix. Revisiting the serial shooter case.


Ep. 3 Making the ultimate sacrifice for those you love: A widows tale of home invasion


Ep. 2 Revisiting 9/11 with north tower survivor, Bob Jenkins


Ep. 1 Debut Episode!! The night a gunman took a newsroom hostage, with legendary broadcaster Mary Jo West