Dan's Travel Bytes

I've had the wanderlust for as long as I remember, going back to an ice skating trip on a frozen river in about 6th grade. Despite my Mom's orders, I couldn't stop skating, couldn't stop going around each bend to see what was there. I'm still taking ever turn I come to, as my curiosity of new places has never wavered.

My entire career has been been television, news reporter, co-host of the very popular Good Morning Arizona in Phoenix and then Host and Producer of the AAA Highroads travel show. All the while traveling extensively around the country and much of the world. Besides traveling I've flown with both the Air Force Thunderbirds, Navy Blue Angels, have one aircraft carrier (USS John Stennis) landing and take off and many other adventures.

I'm proud to say I'm four time Emmy winner, including "Best Host" for my work with the AAA Highroads.

Thank you so much for being part of this community. One of the things I'd like to do is share your pictures, videos of your travels. Just email me what you have.

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