The Badge Zone

The Badge Zone - encounter the strange, the bizarre, the paranormal and even supernatural stories from police officers, firefighters, nurses, and other community-driven professionals that will both inspire and entertain.

These twisted-but-true stories of the Strange, Bizarre, Paranormal, or Supernatural are hosted by Retired Police Sergeant Darren Burch (co-host of the Badge Boys & author of the award- winning “Twisted But True” true-crime book trilogy). During Sgt. Burch’s 30-year law enforcement career, he’s experienced, witnessed, or heard firsthand accounts that range from the common “Full Moon Craziness” that most, if not all, police officers encounter routinely while working late night shifts, to the “Sixth Sense” feelings that some cops openly rely upon to avoid various harm or impending doom, to the absolute… “Supernatural.”

You will hear these strange incidents, bizarre happenings, and supernatural encounters directly from the heroes who lived them. Welcome to The Badge Zone, where you’ll be entertained and amazed in a universe where not only is truth stranger than fiction but encounters toward Truth and Justice are even stranger yet.

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