Get Real With Robin!

Ep. 18 The calamity over Cuties

Co-Host Kirk Nurmi

Is it child pornography or a very risqué coming of age film? It's time to have a REAL conversation about the documentary CUTIES and the over sexualization of young children.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen things like this…remember Jon Benet the child beauty queen or the reality TV series Dance Mom’s? These young girls were made to look so much older and as in the dance show, the young girls were scantily clad many times on screen.

As someone who has spent four decades working in the film industry, I did my best to watch this film to the end, searching for the story. It won awards at both Sundance and the Berlin film festivals, so it had to be more than child pornography, right? You would think a respected film festival like Sundance wouldn’t allow child porn to grace their roster.

The Director of Cuties has defended her film saying it’s a feminist cautionary tale about the sexualization of girls in today's society.

So join Kirk and I as we get real about this subject.

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