Get Real With Robin!

Ep. 1 Claim Your Power and Defend Your Greatness!

What's holding you back from claiming your power and living your best life possible? Listen in as we get real and raw, discussing why we let our fears get in the way of our happiness and how we can move past that fear in order to live a better life.

Co-Host Kirk Nurmi

Kirk rose to international prominence as the lead counsel for the infamous Jodi Arias. The stress of that case brought cancer into his life. And with cancer came big changes – a whole new life. A life wherein happiness is his beacon.

With this beacon in view, Kirk has written for the New York Daily News, authored five books, has spoken all around the country and in April of 2020 will debut his new One-Man Show “Overcoming Jodi Arias.”

Kirk has also appeared on Crime Stories with Nancy Grace, Court TV, Dr. Oz, The Today Show and has been featured in documentaries on Discovery ID and the Oxygen Network.

Yet his most important work is as a personal assistant to his wife of 26 years and his 4 pound Chihuahua.

Defend Your Greatness:

Kirk's One Man Show, Overcoming Jodi Arias:

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Ep. 1 Claim Your Power and Defend Your Greatness!