Get Real With Robin!

Ep. 2 Ignite the Fire Within You!

Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it. Your mindest plays a very intricate part in your day-to-day life. Having a positive mindset can redirect everything negative that happens in our lives. It's not what happens to us but what we do with it that makes all the difference.

Co-Host Retired Phoenix Police Officer Jason Schechterle

At the age of 26, Jason achieved his dream to work on the streets of Phoenix as a rookie police officer. Then, only 14 months into what was supposed to be a life-long career, Jason's life took a tragic turn. On the night of March 26th, 2001, a taxi cab crashed into the rear of Jason's patrol car. Upon impact, Jason's car burst into flames, trapping him inside with temperatures reaching over 700 degrees.

Jason suffered severe burns to over 40% of his body which drastically altered his appearance. He has undergone more than 50 surgeries just to have the ability to accomplish simple daily tasks. Jason's journey chronicles his fight for life, his triumph over tragedy and the inspiration that enables him to continue to overcome unimaginable adversity.

Jason represents the human experience at its very best - an ascent from despair to describing himself as the luckiest person alive!

Jason is a public speaker, traveling all around the country to share his story, inspiring so many others to stay strong in the face of adversity. He is also the co-host of the podcast Badge Boys, which can be heard here:

The book Burning Shield, details the events and triumps of Jason's battle to regain his life:

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