Get Real With Robin!

Ep. 13 What happens when we die? A journey beyond the veil.

Death is not an easy subject to talk about. So many fear what they don’t know or understand. Clarity is a beautiful thing and sometimes it comes in ways we would never expect. Out of tragic circumstances, something beautiful can be revealed.

Co-Hosts Jeff and Spencer Olsen

Jeff Olsen led a pretty normal life with his wife Tamara and young sons Griffin and Spencer until that fateful day, March 31st, 1997. A horrific car accident took the life of 31 year old Tamara and 14 month old Griffin, also leaving Jeff severely injured and fighting for his life. It was during his battle to stay alive when he experienced crossing over the veil and getting a birds eye view of what the other side looks like.

Listen in as Jeff and Spencer share their experiences, talk about the event that changed their life, Jeff's conversations with Tamara that sent him back and the life they have both gone on to live.

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