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Ep. 16 Trafficking & Child Slavery - The inconceivable acts against innocence

Today, more than a quarter of the world’s slaves are children. These children are forced to commit commercial sex acts, forced into a system of domestic servitude or employed in occupations that are mentally, physically, socially and morally harmful. It's estimated that those children being enslaved bring in more than 100 billion dollars a year to their captors.

Around the world, an influx in sex tourism, the insatiable demand for child pornography and greed play key roles in the prevalence of child sex slavery and trafficking. In addition to strangers, family and close friends have been known to sell children off to individuals, businesses and groups involved in the sex industry.

Many of these children are born and bred into a cult like family where they are forced to engage in sexual acts with adults in order to bear children to continue building the family of slaves.

What happens to these children when they age out and are no longer a valuable commodity to those who control them? What happens to these children when they decide they want out and desperately try to find a way to escape? How do these children cope with a much different world than many of us would never experience? How do they survive in a world that doesn't look familiar, once they get out?

Co-Host Diana Davis

Diana Davis is the founder of Movies Making a Difference. Their Mission Statement is to make a difference by making socially conscious feature films, then directly aiding the victims upon whom these films shed light. ~ Human Trafficking victims ~ Child Brides ~ Child Labor ~ Physical, Sexual, Emotional and Spiritual Abuse victims.

Diana’s film Cathedral Canyon shed light into the underworld of the religious persecution of women in a rural polygamist community. I often see posts on social media of her team and their rescue efforts to help these young people escape the cult life in order to find a better life for themselves.

Also joining us are two survivors who bravely share their stories about being in the FLDS cult and how they escaped; Sarah Taylor and Briel Decker.

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