Get Real With Robin!

Ep. 14 I know who I am and it’s time I become the real me - Understanding the hardships and joys that we encounter as a Transgender

It’s not easy to be comfortable in our own skin. Many of us don’t like the reflection we see before us in the mirror. Imagine looking in that mirror and seeing a person looking back at you that you don’t recognize. Yes, it’s familiar because you’ve lived with it for years but deep down inside you see yourself as someone completely different.

So many of us have often wondered what it would be like to spend just a day as the opposite sex, to gain some insight into the differences between men and women. Then there are those who have an internal need to be the true version of themselves, struggling every day to be accepted because they know they don’t belong in the body they were born in.

Co-Host Nadia Nakano Da Silva

From starting life out as a man, serving in the armed forces, being married and raising a family, to now beginning the road into transitioning into her true self and struggling to have others from her past life understand who she truly is, Nadia has been chronicling her journey on social media, sharing the ups and downs, the hardships and joys of becoming who she is meant to be.

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