The Desire Factor with Christy Whitman

Ep. 25 Living an Unlimited Life Through Energy Mastery

In this episode Christy discusses: Declaring your desires Everything is energy Clarity and Intention Getting into the flow A message from The Council Key Takeaways: The divine part of you wants you to have a fun and purposeful life, giving you desires. Listen to that part of you. Don't focus on your fear. You are always vibrating energy, whether you want to or not. What kind of energy you produce is up to you Uncertainty brings many negative emotions, clarity is already in you. Listening to your desires will bring up that clarity. You're the creator of your life's experiences. Be a vibrational match to your desires - if you feel satisfied, then you got it. “The clarity that you seek is already inside of you from your inner being.” - Christy Whitman Get The Desire Factor Book at Learn how to become an energy master at

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