The Desire Factor with Christy Whitman

Ep. 4 Law of Deliberate Creation

In this episode Christy discusses: What is the Law of Deliberate Creation The difference of the Law of Deliberate Creation to the Law of Attraction Applying the Law of Deliberate Creation Key Takeaways: What you give thought to, you begin to attract. What you give thought to with emotion, you attract more quickly. Most vibration are given out unknowingly, the law of Deliberate Creation is all about applying the knowledge that you attract experiences with your cognitive energy When you're not applying the Law of Creation, you’ll just be an observer. If you want to attract positive experiences, you need to consciously give out a positive signal to the universe in order to have what you desire. “When you give thought to something, you desire with an expectation or belief in it, you are then in a place of receiving it.” - Christy Whitman

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