The Desire Factor with Christy Whitman

Ep. 11 Creating Impact with Marie Diamond

In this episode Christy and Marie discuss: Expanding the vision of your’s and other people’s future Some ways to manifest your desire Discovering your soul-desire Following spiritual breadcrumbs and growing your desire Key Takeaways: Make sure that everything that you do is blessed with your desire and guided by your desire Align the decisions that you make with your desires The ‘how’ is more incredible than the desire sometimes The light will always guide you. Follow the spiritual breadcrumbs in your process to reaching your desires. “The desire is something small, like a seed… you give it nutrition and you love it. Not everything is flow, sometimes there are challenges to growing bigger. Once you have a strong soul-desire, in moments of setback or not knowing what’s going on, that desire keeps me moving forward. ” - Marie Diamond Connect with Marie Diamond: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: LinkedIn: Website:

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