The Desire Factor with Christy Whitman

Ep. 10 Attracting Love with Lisa Nichols

In this episode Christy and Lisa discuss: Manifesting the desire for a long-term relationship Alignment and reconciliation with the past and with the future that you desire Transforming our lives by gaining knowledge Recovering from being a control-freak Key Takeaways: Trust your decisions today, even if your decisions in the past had broken your heart. You need to tell yourself that you made the best decisions that you could based on what you knew at that moment. You have to be willing to lean into the possibility of hurt if you want to have a possibility of joy. Release and process the disappointment, then keep moving forward. It’s better to live with the disappointment of a desire not manifesting, rather than not being able to desire anything at all. It’s not about the desire, it’s about who you become in the process of manifesting the desire. “Your life will never go where your mind doesn’t exist. I used books to pull my thinking and belief forward” - Lisa Nichols

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