The Desire Factor with Christy Whitman

Ep. 23 5 Aspects To Being An Energy Master

In this episode Christy discusses: You, as a being of energy The power of words Conquering limiting beliefs Aligning yourself to the light All-in on your actions Key Takeaways: You are a being of energy and you are in control of the energy you give it. Words have power. Just imagine the energy of the word "should" - it doesn't feel good to say that you should do something. You can change the way you say things or words you use, and you can make your life different through this small change. You have power over what you belief and what you believe has power over your life. It is possible to learn how you can shift your perspective and feel the emotions you want to feel. “Words, thoughts, perspective, emotions and actions - that’s all you have control over.” - Christy Whitman

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