The Vitalyst Spark Podcast

Ep. 11 Storytelling for Systems Change

rankly, there is no podcast episode we can release this week that can begin to address the enormity of what has taken place in this country over the past week. What you are about to listen to was initially recorded in January 2020. It’s about the power and the practice of Storytelling, based on a project that key community advocates engaged in starting in 2017. Given the very real need for us to cultivate understanding and empathy, this work and this episode have universal application, but also may deserve a place in your ears at this time. Listening - truly listening to another person’s life experience - is one possible step that can help us be better than we have been. Storytelling is a fundamental tool for how we can connect to, and learn from, each other. And we are fortunate to Stephanie Luz Cordel and Liz Warren as our guides. We’ve been waiting for some time to release this episode. Sharing it now seems to make sense because right now we need deeper understanding. And to better understand… we need to listen – intently – to stories. Publications discussed in this podcast: Storytelling as a Catalyst for Systems Change Storytelling for Resident Leaders

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