The Vitalyst Spark Podcast

Ep. 21 COVID-19 Roundtable Update - 9/1

When it comes to COVID, we could all use as much good news as we can get. And guess what, we got some on August 27, when eight of Arizona’s 15 counties moving to “moderate spread” status, while Greenlee County graduated to “minimal spread.” Since this is our first pandemic in over 100 years, it’s a good idea to know how to process this news, drawing from a breadth of expert perspective. That, and more, is what you’ll hear in this episode of our COVID-19 Roundtable. We’ve got two brand-new and intriguing guests that we’re excited for you to meet. But before we do, remember that rate of spread got to these levels, and can only aspire to stay at these levels, if we are all COVID Smart: Stay-at-home as much as you possibly can; wash up; mask up; maintain physical distancing, and keep a heads up for your fellow Arizonans. If we want continued lower numbers 2-4 weeks from now, our actions today make that difference. Only with a topic like COVID can you get health experts to combine schools and bars, policymaking and college partying, or even the airing of droplets and the airing of misinformation. But we’ve got all of that here today as we talk about what life with COVID-19 looks like as of September 1, 2020.

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