The Vitalyst Spark Podcast

Ep. 9 Affordable Housing and COVID-19

COVID-19 has not only flipped daily life on its ear, it has also exacerbated big challenges that Vitalyst and its partners have been working to solve. Not sure what we mean by big challenges? Well, look no further than issue of available, safe, and affordable housing. Throughout Arizona, supportive shelter was increasingly out of reach for far too many residents B.C. – that’s before COVID. Now, things are far more challenging and urgent. No one yet knows the exact increase in the numbers of Arizonans experiencing homelessness, in need supportive housing, or hoping to not have to choose between say “rent and food,” or “rent and filling a prescription,” but it’s fair to assume that COVID-19 hasn’t made the lack of affordable housing any less of a crisis unto itself. Many experienced health care and government partners agree: housing IS health care. In fact, there’s another curve out there to flatten: the spike in the numbers of people for whom shelter-in-place is impossible, for whom the concept of a supportive home is a challenge at the least; or even worse a high-cost, high-stress, overwhelming burden. Here’s the thing: there is opportunity in crisis. Very smart, very dedicated people have been working on housing all over the state. So we asked some of them to join us today. We all need to know what tools we might use to make positive progress when it comes to ensuring that everyone can find a place they can call home.

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