The Vitalyst Spark Podcast

Ep. 7 First Responders and COVID-19

t is truly important right now that we gain a shared understanding of COVID-19’s impact on our people, our systems, our policies, and our places. We’re going through this together. The learning is real-time. No corner of our communities goes untouched. That includes the people whose very job it is to help us. Which is why we’re back today with an episode focused on our first responders. There has been a lot of coverage of front-line healthcare workers, but little to no discussion of how front-line police, fire and emergency medical services personnel are doing. This episode is for them. You’re about to hear some stunning examples of how an already very stressful and challenging job is now much more stressful – and learn what is being done to address that reality. The human beings we rely upon to help us in an emergency are facing their own unique health challenges, particularly now. Please note: if you are - or someone you care about is - a first responder, please know that assistance is available. Courtesy of Dr. Dara Rampersad, here is a directory of sources to get help: Arizona Resources: AZ Crisis Line: 877.756.4090 100 Club of Arizona: 602.485.0100 Be Connected for Veterans/Military/Family: 866.4AZ.VETS (429.8387) Fire Crisis Support Line: 602.845.FIRE (3473) National Alliance on Mental Illness-AZ (NAMI): 602.244.8166 Oasis Behavioral Health: 855.351.8939 BluePaz, LLC: 602.345.1425, Websites: Apps: (coming soon) National: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800.273.TALK (8255) Safe Call Now (First Responders): 206.459.3020 Crisis Text Line: Text HELLO to 741741 Survive First: 844.577.7233 Copper Springs for First Responders: 866.575.1979 Chateau Recovery for First Responders: 949.547.7040 - Thayer Recovery Ways: 801.803.9962 - Vickie Copline: 800.267.5463 Survival Mindset Consulting: 757.328.5672 Cop 2 Cop: 866.267.2267 IH2 Foundation: 480.383.9054

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