The Vitalyst Spark Podcast

Ep. 13 COVID Roundtable Update - 6/23

Arizona’s new case rate trend is significantly upward, putting our state in the national spotlight. The Governor issued a new Executive Order allowing local government action regarding face masks. An inexpensive steroid has emerged as a possible COVID-19 treatment. Heck, yesterday it was announced that the Apple Watch will soon give you an automatic 20-second hand washing countdown when it senses the combination of your hand motions and the water’s flow. In other words, it has been just another fairly intense two weeks of COVID time that sometimes felt like two years, and we’re here to help you process and analyze it all. Once again, Dr. Nick Vasquez was unable to join us due to his Emergency Room duties. And Dr. Amish Shah was just barely able to squeeze in a conversation, calling into the podcast while on a short break during his own emergency room shift. Get more detail on the numbers, new municipal ordinances, and much more. It’s time to talk about healthcare, public health, policy, and community as we move past the longest day of the year and continue adapting to life with COVID-19. Links: ADHS COVID-19 dashboard ASU Biodesign Institute Critical COVID-19 Trends The COVID Tracking Project Hospitalizations - Maricopa County Department of Public Health Paul Romer: Roadmap to Responsibly Reopen America The Arizona Republic: Doctors Talk About the COVID-19 Beast (featuring Dr. Amish Shah)

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