The Vitalyst Spark Podcast

Ep. 4 04-14 COVID-19 Roundtable Update

The COVID-19 Roundtable returns: Will Humble from the American Public Health Association, Marcus Johnson from Vitalyst Health Foundation and Emergency Room Physician Dr. Nick Vasquez. This episode is expansive, touching on testing, hospital capacity, PPE, contact tracing, the economy, governance, and recent innovations. This episode was recorded at 1pm on April 13, 2020. In just the hours spent editing new data and information has come to light. While can’t be perfectly of the moment, rest assured that each roundtable episode is designed to catch you up on what has happened that over the past two weeks that you may have missed, and to provide new insights. Listen now. Show Links: US Centers for Disease Control Morbidity and Mortality Main page: Arizona Department of Health Services Coronavirus update page: US Centers for Disease Control update page:

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