Podcast Chit Chat with Bob Huhn

Ep. 6 Former Congressman JD Hayworth

You may not agree with JD Hayworth but on this episode of Podcast Chit Chat the former Congressman shows that he is bright, engaging, entertaining and knows the political landscape. JD talks about President Biden’s first two months in office, former President Trump, the border, politics and predicts that Vice President Kamala Harris will take over the presidency sooner than later.

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Ep. 13 Author Erica McBeth discusses depression, suicide and why she set a goal to meet one new person every week for a year. The project is chronicled in her book, “52 New Friends”.


Ep. 12 This hour-plus episode of PodcastChitChat with the creative, very talented and exceedingly funny Comic/Hypnotist Flip Orley is hysterical and filled with laugh out-loud moments.


Ep. 11 One of the best bands no one has heard of - The Compulsions. Meet frontman Rob Carlyle


Ep. 10 Former Phoenix Cardinal Luis Sharpe and his daughter Rebecca discuss the former All-Pro's drug addiction, his battle to stay clean and Rebecca talks about the affect it had on the family.


Ep. 9 Lowell Pickett - Artistic Director, MIM Music Theater


Ep. 8 Wingwoman Erin Davis


Ep. 7 World-renowned jazz singer Dennis Rowland


Ep. 6 Former Congressman JD Hayworth


Ep. 5 Talking about the Oscars with Gayle Bass


Ep. 4 Boxing legend Michael Carbajal discusses his career, how proud he was to represent the U.S. in the Olympics and how his brother not only betrayed him but also stole almost everything he had


Ep. 3 Dan Miller was a former sports writer. Now he is a giant in the adult film industry (This episode contains explicit content)


Ep. 2 Danny Zelisko gives "All Excess" to us through his career as a Concert Promoter


Ep. 1 Will Humble talks Covid and discusses what Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and President Trump did and didn't do right