What Would Larry Do... featuring Dr. Ann

Larry Helwig and Dr. Ann discuss the latest technologies and procedures in the
Aesthetics Industry, as well as the most common questions, concerns, and
issues that come up in the Anti-aging business.

Larry Helwig has been in the Aesthetic Medicine and Laser industry for over 20
years now. Possibly 100 years… I am Dr. Ann Watwood. I have been a part of the
anti-aging and aesthetic industry for over 10 years. Larry and I are both trainers
who travel nationally to teach people the latest techniques in resurfacing,
photofacials, non-invasive skin tightening, body contouring, dermal fillers,
neuromodulators, threads lifts, vaginal rejuvenation, practice management, PRF
treatments, non-invasive hair restoration, and more. With our extensive travels,
we have learned that there are so many offices out there who are not educated in
the latest anti-aging techniques, but desire to know more. We truly believe you
learn something new every day. So, with our combined knowledge, we decided to
create both a podcast to start to share our knowledge with the world. We are
constantly bombarded with emails, phone calls, and text messages on a daily
basis asking, “What would you do?” Sometimes it is an “OH CRAP, I made a
mistake, help me…” and sometimes it is just a question about the latest
technology and do we feel it is worth the investment. We want to help answer all
of these questions. And, we know we do not have all the answers. So, we will be
interviewing experts in the industry to help answer the questions that you desire
to know the answers for. We love our careers in the world of anti-aging and
aesthetic medicine, and we desire to help all practitioners enjoy their jobs and all
patients enjoy their experiences.

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