The Tim and Chad Show

The show changing America with hope, entertainment and real people. Life, Liberty & Pursuit of Happiness.

Welcome to the Tim and Chad show. We are changing America with hope, entertainment and real people. God, faith, country and patriotism are more important than ever. Meaningful and real conversation leads to a better America.
Tim Mitzel is the Executive Director for Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Northern Arizona. He has a deep passion helping others to not only survive, but THRIVE!  Tim speaks to various sports team on all levels as a sports chaplain and motivates coaches to get the best out of each player.
Chad DeVries is a successful businessman and entrepreneur who gives much of his time to charities such as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Chad is also a public spokesperson for leading political campaigns, candidates, propositions and causes. Most importantly, Chad is a family man who believes in living life to the fullest with patriotic American freedom and values.

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