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Welcome to what we sincerely hope is the most straight-forward, no nonsense, and truthful information you will find on what you need to know about Buying, Selling, Funding, and Valuing a small business in today’s market.

The podcast is brought to you by New Horizon Business Brokers an affiliate of Arizona Exit Strategy Advisors. They were founded by Darren Grady, and on behalf of Darren and his team, welcome aboard…

What is this show about?
Simply Put, it’s about Professional Arizona Business Brokers, Industry Leaders and Advisors revealing (sharing) Insider Tips, Private Equity Secrets and Proven Resources on How to Buy, Sell, Fund, and Value main street businesses in today’s economy.
Every transaction starts and ends with this question… What is This Business REALLY WORTH in Today’s Economy?

So, if you’re looking for practical step-by-step strategies that can be implemented to generate desired results, you’re in the right place.

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