The Onealien Show

Join John as he dives into subjects to help you grow, heal and progress! From personal to professional, from relationships to politics, gain a different perspective focused on motivation and inspiration. Meet guests who have brought momentum to John’s life as he shares his journey into living his best life! Entrepreneur, Leader, Teacher: As the founder and CEO of Direct Care Pro and DBO Residential Solutions, John O'Neal continues a passionate push to be a positive influence in the lives of those in need. As an instructor, he delivers practical material in a comical manner laced with intuitive nuggets to elevate those who receive it. As a public speaker and consultant, he is instrumental in the startup of 10+ small businesses generating a revenue of over 3 million in their first year of operation. As a business owner, John brings a culture of excellence to a cause worthy of focus in an industry screaming for support. Author: John O'Neal enjoys expressing thoughts and feelings in written form. Songwriter, fictional stories, professional letters, memos, and blogs, as well as his core passion of poetry, all come to life with a unique style and structure. Father: Embracing fatherhood as a leader and role model for his children, he wants them to see a humble man, a loving man, and a man who believes his children are a precious gift.

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