Net Concepts with Aaron Wagner


Net Concepts with Aaron Wagner is here to inform you, but we are also here to listen to you! Aaron and Net Concepts want to understand your security goals and cover the gaps. Our goal is to prevent the attack that brings down a business, and no IT department or consultant can do this alone. Net Concepts has been in the business for over 20 years, and we have seen many trends come and go. One trend that has not gone away is the double hit companies with PHI take when they are hit from a breach. After the breach is over, they are hit again with an audit and a fine.

Net Concepts will prevent the breach or detect it and respond, but we want to help stop the risk of the secondary hit of a compliance failure. We have the solutions that serve the purposes of compliance, detection, response, visibility, and prevention. We bring these solutions together in a way that is effective and integrated. Net Concepts and Aaron Wagner are here to help you!

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