Just Go F Yourself

Are you holding onto things that really had nothing to do with you, but you've blamed yourself for anyway? Well, Lisa has a message for you - just go (F)orgive yourself!

This candid show will touch on difficult topics that we all face at certain times in our lives. Based on Lisa’s extraordinary, uncomfortable, beautiful life - with an empathetic, heartfelt approach pulled directly from life experiences that have taught her, brought her, and shaped her into the person that she is STILL becoming today. Lisa is forever a student of life, but we only have ONE. Life is short, sweet, and Lisa has discovered that forgiveness of SELF and others is quite possibly the most epic gift we can offer the world.

Lisa shared her own inspiring personal and professional journey as a female entrepreneur, and she has also been a guest contributor to the Amazon Bestseller, “Wake Up: Awakened Woman.” In addition, Lisa contributed to numerous articles and interviews pertaining to women’s topics and "Knowing Your Worth.” On her show, she will help you learn how to move past obstacles, ditch excuses, lick your wounds, level up in life, and learn to truly forgive yourself before you can ever forgive others!

Lisa strongly believes that not only trusting and believing in yourself, but also truly loving yourself combined with passion and drive, are hard stop, the keys to success and achieving the life of your dreams.

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