Healthy Senior Living with Smiles by Delivery

Healthy Senior Living explores all aspects of creating a happy and healthy senior lifestyle with a focus on healthcare. The Art and Innovation of House-Call Dentistry Smiles by Delivery is a house-call dental practice committed to helping elder care evolve through the use of innovative technology. We are passionate about providing the best, friendliest, and most convenient dental care possible to our aging patients. Since 2012, we have served thousands of patients in the Valley in dozens of senior communities. Very often our first meeting with a patient is the result of some kind of dental emergency. As advocates of health and wellness, we are working to change this trend. Why Smiles by Delivery? We are the premier mobile dental practice in Arizona and have mastered the art of delivering the highest quality dental services in our patients’ homes. Our use of cutting edge technology and innovation allows us to not only provide the most convenient oral health services possible, but we do so at rates up to 30% lower than traditional dental practices. We are always exploring the best health options for seniors and we work closely with individuals and companies who share our commitment. Healthy Senior Living is an engaging and ongoing discussion with leading voices in the field about the best options and strategies available to help seniors live a healthy and comfortable life.

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