GoTYME is the culmination of all things “innovation” with an emphasis on forward-thinking concepts that are prevalent in the world today. From the overarching beauty space and how that continues to evolve with new marketing, digital and influencer strategies to the luxury transport industry (cars, boats and planes) and how tech is affecting various verticals within all the above, GoTYME breaks down the barriers for “what is” and “what could be.” Show host and TYME’s President of Marketing and Sales, Kendrick Reeg will bring exciting new topics to the forefront and engage various guests from around the nation that are in the innovation,beauty, tech, travel and luxury spaces. Listeners can expect to get an inside-look at pressing topics that are affecting society and entrepreneurialism and how to take the next step to achieving goals and making an impact in the larger-scale community. GoTYME will also specifically highlight inspiring local entrepreneurs that are brand partners for TYME and they will have the opportunity to share their personal story and how they are changing the marketplace.

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