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We all have relationships. We have significant relationships with our
so on… We have relationships with our FRIENDS and BUSINESS
ASSOCIATES, too. However, the most important relationship we can ever have is our relationship with OURSELVES.

Whether it’s romantic, professional or personal, our relationships are
ones we either nurture or neglect. Relationships are the single most
important gauge in our life, measuring our life’s fulfillment, connection,
security and commonality.

Elaine Live & Lauren, Too! is your great place for speaking openly
about relationships. Elaine, along with her co-host/daughter, Lauren
Rosenberg, take on different relationship topics that we all can relate

ELAINE RYAN is a New York transplant and a longtime Scottsdale,
Arizona resident. She is a professional interior designer with over 12
million square feet of installed interior space. Elaine is also a published
author, public speaker and co-creator of the Elaine Ryan® Home
Decorating Kit. By working closing with her interior design clients,
who considered her their most trusted confidant, helped Elaine to
develop a perceptive understanding to relationships. Sometimes you
don’t need a college degree in interpersonal relationships to possess
an innate sense of common sense, clarity and compassion.

Elaine's co-host and producer is her daughter, LAUREN
ROSENBERG. Lauren is Principle Publicist for LRPR - Lauren
Rosenberg Public Relations. A highly regarded PR professional,
Lauren represents local and national brands, or personal publicity for
the people behind these companies. Her clients include all business
verticals, including automotive, hospitality, retail and luxury consumer,
among many others. Lauren is also the co-creator of the Elaine
Ryan® Home Decorating Kit, the only DIY product on the market that
enables users to become his or her own home decorator without the
need for a professional designer. As an on-camera and voiceover
talent, Lauren has appeared in commercials and corporate videos.

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