Crucial Awareness With Lexi Rodriguez

Crucial Awareness Coaching is a lifestyle. The skills that you will achieve from participating in this program will be knowledge transformed into an instinctive sense. With this power, you can create a better understanding of all your unique qualities that will elevate your future actions.
To the ego Growth is intimidating. With the guidance of CAC you will be able to grasp more clearly where your thoughts and emotions stem from. Understanding your exclusive and sometimes ambiguous vision is KEY when it comes to producing genuine success. An awareness of your patterns is THE MOST crucial quality one can have. CAC will take you to the next level in all aspects of your life, while placing emphasis on your personal relationships.
In a world infested with distractions we engage ourselves with the tiniest problems. In doing so we are subconsciously defending our souls from the bigger picture. This allows our ego to get in the way of true awareness.
Crucial Awareness coaching is theorized to create the most substantial relationships possible. The power to evolve with another human while simultaneously progressing as an individual is significant.
[In another font/shade. Meant to be my voice]
“Congratulations on taking the first step to reaching ultimate clarification of self. Taking control and designing the life that fits you is ONLY up to you. Before I begin to dive deeply into the concept of Crucial Awareness Coaching and the exceptional places it will take you. Remember this statement and feel free to consider this idea anywhere in the world that you go. The actions of another human have NOTHING to do with you.”

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