Pat McMahon and The God Show!

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Phoenix Media Legend Pat McMahon Launches on Star Worldwide Networks


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (March 21, 2018) – Pat McMahon is proudly continuing his broadcast legacy by relaunching one of the most highly-acclaimed thought-provoking shows in the radio, “The God Show,” on Easter Sunday.  Just like Pat McMahon, The God Show was an institution on KTAR that aired for 17 years every Sunday morning with guests ranging from evangelists to atheists and everything in between.


Fellow media icon and Hall of Fame broadcast personality Dave Pratt, best known as “The Mayor” on radio and TV for over 35 years, welcomes Pat McMahon to his highly successful Scottsdale-based new media network now in its 8th year.  Star Worldwide Networks distributes a wide diversity of radio and TV shows throughout the world in hot consumer topics from health to politics, entertainment, fashion, sports, news, current events, spirituality and more.  The fast growing network now produces and distributes over 150 radio and TV shows around the globe.


“It is such an honor to welcome who I consider to be the biggest name in the history of Arizona media to our network. Pat McMahon and The God Show will now be elevated from just a local radio station to the entire world!” said Dave Pratt. “Pat’s decision to bring The God Show to our network exemplifies the true meaning of traditional media converting to new digital media, which is the future of media, and already in the palm of every hand. Pat and Pratt are walking together into the year 2018 and beyond!”


Over those 17 years on the air, “The God Show” hosted some of the nation’s most renowned authors, mediums, ministers and thought-leaders, from Deepak Chopra to representatives of the Vatican.  Pat McMahon led each conversation with an, “anything goes” mentality when it came to challenging questions, prominent trends in pop culture, stereotypes and provocative areas that kept the audience captivated. As Pat states, “The God Show is the behavior of humankind. It opens up the floor for incisive deep-rooted topics that people are often afraid to talk about but are entirely fair and well-rounded in nature. I’m excited to bring the show back for the audience of 2018.”

The God Show will air on every Sunday at 8:00 a.m. and will be available on-demand.


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Star Worldwide Networks brings veteran broadcasters, celebrity personalities, and radio novices together under one roof. The network is provided across multiple languages, which are available both LIVE and on-demand.  In addition, the network is a hot spot and powerful destination for advertising.  Just a few of the network’s clients over the years include Lucas Oil, Harkins Theatres, Nike, Purina, TYME Style, The Phoenix Suns, Arizona Diamondbacks, Hershey’s, Harrah’s, United Airlines, Disney, Big O’Tires, Sagicor Life Insurance, Burns Pest Elimination, Sleep Number, Open Door and more. The network also offers full audio and video commercial production services for some of the biggest brands in the world along with audio books and media consultation. For more information, please visit or contact