Chewing The Scenery

Ep. 9 Two, Four, Six, Oh...Beetlejuice!

In Episode 9 we have the great pleasure of chatting with Nick Cartell and Natalie Charle Ellis. Nick just came back to NYC after playing Jean Valjean for two and half years on the Les Miserables National Tour and Natalie recently finished the run of Beetlejuice on Broadway. What led them from the youth theatre stages of Phoenix to the Great White Way? We'll tell you how it all happened AND we may get just a little toasty as we take swigs from our signature drink: The Moments in the Woods Manhattan. There'll be laughs, gossip, the return of Ashley's "Whether Report" and a little friendly competition with our new game, Stop the Words - I Want to Get Off! Trust us, you never know what you're gonna get when you reunite these two theatrical phenoms!!

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