Chewing The Scenery

Ep. 23 They Have to be Carefully Taught

On this week's episode we are thrilled to chat with Katie McFadzen and Debra K Stevens - two amazing theatre artists who have made a huge impact on the world of Theatre for Young Audiences both here in Arizona and across the country. But don't let TYA scare you. We will, of course, be drinking our fill of the cocktail of the week while we play a hilarious round of 2 Truths and a Lie and introduce our brand-new quiz game: Encyclopedia Theatrica! And yes, the questions just might get a little racy as we use Katie and Deb's most recent (decidedly non-TYA) production of Becoming Dr. Ruth as our jumping off point! That's right, we're getting a little sexy AND tipsy and we think you are gonna love it!

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