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Ep. 2 Soldier Turned Sports and Entertainment Executive Tells All. A Military To Civilian Transition Story

Knowing who you are and what you want, mixed in with honesty is how the former Military turned Sports and Entertainment Executive made it in his career. This is his military to civilian transition. Transitioning out of the military Alan "AP" Powell talks about how selling honesty is why he was able to build relationships in the Sports and Entertainment industry. Knowing who he was and where he came from helped him relate and build trust with a lot of his clients. AP shares his story about his friendship with Floyd Maywheather and how he chose friendship over business. AP Quote - "Chances Make Champions" “The David Johnson Show” is a national voice that talks about points of interest in the American military and veteran subculture. Each show episode showcases a different guest with a different story. Sign up to get notified of new episodes at and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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