Kick Up Your Life with Master Mel

Ep. 21 Shamanism in the Modern World

In this episode of Kick Up Your Life, Eaglewoman shares with Mel how she brings the mountain to the people so they don’t have to go to the mountain. She also shares some practical spiritual tools that anyone can start using right away to clear their energy and gain more confidence and inner strength. Sara “Eaglewoman” Urquidez is known by many as the Urban Shaman, one who practices the ancient ways bringing them to life to heal and transform in today's world. She is described by those who have experienced her work as a "Miracle Worker", "Holy Woman" and a "Doctor of the Soul". A mystic and visionary of impeccable discernment, Sara is an accomplished martial artist who is married to World Champion Benny the Jet and she discusses how martial arts has enhanced her intuitive gifts.

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