Chewing The Scenery

Ep. 18 Putting It Together

Episode 18 brings us back into the Valley of the Sun with superstars Robert Kolby Harper and Toby Yatso. You know, art isn't easy, but Robbie and Toby have been putting it all together to create fantastic and varied theatrical careers in Phoenix. They are two of the leaders who are helping to shape our theatrical community through their amazing talents as performers, teachers, and developers of new work. Now that all sounds REAL serious, but trust us, along the way there will be lots of laughs as we try not to get too punchy swilling down our drink of the week - the delicious margarita: "Bit by Bit (Putting in Tequila)" - yum! And don't miss our brand-new game, Musical Acronyms, where we test Robbie and Toby in their musical theatre knowledge - who will have braggin' rights? You gotta listen and find out!

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