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Ep. 5 Power to Win - with our guests Terry McDonald and Shanon Paar the SPIFI fundraising fighter

Today on Next Level Air Podcast.... Let’s Get Ready with our two guests who know the meaning of fighting for what they believe. If you have ever faced challenges, lost momentum or needed support, tune in for the show dedicated to people who overcome adversity and find Power to Win. Raised in a “hard-working yet poor family” in Las Vegas, Nevada, Terry learned at a very young age the value of saving and making smart investment decisions. He has carried this knowledge and passion for helping others into a successful investment education career. He also is a serial entrepreneur who is always on the lookout for the next investment opportunity. Mr. McDonald has held mortgage, life insurance and securities licenses at different points as he positioned himself as an educator that takes pride in providing his clients with wide-array of investment options to ensure that their portfolio is truly diversified in more than a volatile stock market. Through his passion for education he has become one of America’s leaders in Self Directed IRA education which allows investors to diversify into the bevy of safe alternatives that exist outside of the stock market. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Economics from Grand Canyon University and spends over 100 hours a year on volunteer activities within his Las Vegas community. Entrepreneurship: Real Estate development projects currently in FL, TX, and CA. Restaurant Bars in Chicago (Good Fortune & Happy Village) and Las Vegas (Hardway 8) RV Park (Island Oaks Luxury RV Resort) in Florida Shanon Paar, The Mommapreneur and a SPIFI fundraising fighter!Gets real with us and states “the hardest thing for me to overcome was the Domestic Violence DNA 1. Admitting that I allowed domestic violence in my relationships repeately. 2. Having to face then overcome the mental/emotional effects. 3rd. Facing the Goliaths that put me in the ring to GET MY OWN INDEPENDCE & POWER BACK!” Today she has returned to her Escrow & Real Estate Career however, it's come with a fight! Now that she has faced the DV within me, Shanon can see it everywhere. Determined to help others overcome trauma, drama and life by facing themselves and get the help needed through fitness, food, fighting, & faith for everyone! Join us for a good cause. "When you save a woman; you save a nation."

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