Marketing Money Mindset

Ep. 6 Power Science

Jen Graffice was the voice of reason while Elisa “Sparks” Lane continued her obsession/rampage associated with Valentine’s Day requirements. Brian Wood attacked guests with false accusations in a pathetic attempt to increase ratings. The MMM team agreed that vision plays a major role with success in all aspects of business and life before proceeding to welcome their special guests. Jocelyn and Aaron Freeman ( share their vision for designing an abundant life. They discussed the importance of intentions and vision as it relates to physical, financial and spiritual empowerment. Their book “The New Power Couple” was inspired by faith and has helped couples find their “new level of awesome.” Daren Heaton VP of Business Development for the Science of Sport ( reviewed the organization’s incredible programs. The Science of Sport is non-for-profit, foundation dedicated to developing curriculum and programming that promotes Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Programs are designed as in-school exercises that can be delivered by teachers or as after school programs that can be delivered by parents, coaches, and volunteers. The Science of Sport's mission is summarized and sustained through the application of “TEAM” sports.

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