Marketing Money Mindset

Ep. 5 MMM Team does squat!

Jen Graffice shatters the modern day record for number of squats completed during a Money Radio Broadcast (1510 AM and 99.3 on your FM dial). Brian Wood expresses his disgust for the tradition of Valentine’s Day and avoids falling into the inappropriate trap set by Elisa “Sparks’” Lane - intended to expedite his demise. Elisa talks about the importance of adjusting your game plan when original plans for business, marketing, and life don’t go as planned. It’s an opportunity to learn, grow, adjust and gain confidence – moving you closer to success. The MMM team welcomed their knowledgeable and inspiring guests: Ben “Tres” Brooks of – The Brooks Company ( - reviewed the principles that have resulted in his personal and professional success. He discussed the value and freedom of land ownership and the emphasis on customer service that has been instrumental with the long-term success experienced by The Brooks Company. Michele James of Zoni Yogi described the many health benefits associated with yoga and the positive mindset she’s developed (in part, by consistently practicing yoga). Michele explained how the mindfulness of yoga can help people let go of uncontrollable things while focusing on personal priorities more effectively. Mike Aufmann outlined the keys for success that have played a role with him and his wife, Danielle to grow the business at Adage Dance Studios ( He’s taken advantage of his financial planning background to support the business while continuously looking to improve all aspects of life every day by connecting with inspiring influencers.

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