Marketing Money Mindset

Ep. 4 Marketing Money Mindset

A “painful” Marketing Money Mindset show Drew de Weerd – President of ( explained how his company – which provides high adjustable desks and accessories - was formed from the need to overcome pain without losing focus on the need to serve the community. Drew was able to leverage some of the concepts her observed from his native country of Holland to improve lives and organizations with his products. Doctor Cory Ostroot (AKA "Doctor O") from the American Center for Natural Medicine, validated the multiple health advantages of leveraging consistent movement, citing the medical specifics that activity contributes to creative thinking. Fasten your seat-belt and experience a sample of the Bryce Cleveland experience! Bryce (CEO and founder of Scalp Aesthetics - preached the gospel of hustle, the virtues of ego, vanity, quitting and confidence. His company provides a unique micro pigmentation process, which enables people to take action against their balding with "hair Tattoos" He described his ability to convert pain and obstacles into motivation and extreme success. Bryce walked the Triple M team through his philosophy with changing lives and lifestyles while expressing his disgust for people who embrace average and lack mission, vision and life clarity. He also agreed to exchange his Rolls Royce for Brian Wood’s 2011 Ford Flex (verbal contract) while he embarks on his Scalp Aesthetics world tour.

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