Marketing Money Mindset

Ep. 2 Marketing Money Mindset

Jen and Brian discussed New Year's eve celebration plans and 2017 resolutions. Also talked about common denominators of success people - as we all will be seeking success in the upcoming year. 3M team welcomed Michael Paynes, President of Basketball Operations for Excel Sports. "Coach Mike" outlined his passion to positively influence children setting them up for success in life - using basketball as a tool. He reviewed the core values of Excel Sports revealing their recipe for overcoming obstacles to achieve success. Doctor Cory Ostroot from the American Center for Natural Medicine "Doctor O" outlined his passion for providing a better method for addressing health improvement opportunities, by leveraging a natural approach. He emphasized the benefits of clean eating and the urgency to do so - even more important now as foods continue to be altered for economic gain. Both guests emphasized the importance of mindset, attitude, continuous development, and "how they show up to life" as keys to their success. "Coach Mike" and "Doctor O" clearly communicated their desire to positively influence society while changing lives. Both guests viewed challenges as opportunities and emphasized the importance to take risks, follow passion and have faith.

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