Marketing Money Mindset

Ep. 3 Marketing Money Mindset

Elisa "Sparks" Lane, Jen Graffice of Q Life and the Man from MARS - Brian Wood; discussed the excitement of the New Year and the many new possibilities connected to 2017. Elisa expressed her disdain for her co-hosts based on their unwillingness to play the game 'Dirty minds', but the team agreed games often lead to creativity that can be leveraged from a marketing perspective. Brian revealed his intention to purchase Money Radio upon his return from Las Vegas for the weekend with inevitable winnings. Bold NFL playoff predictions were made and everyone was excited to welcome two VIP guests to the show: Taryl Hansen of Frame the Message Ink ( talked about her excitement for upcoming international traveling plans. She emphasized her desire to adjust teaching (using pictures) to enhance the educational process - as all people do not learn the same way. Taryl talked abut her approach to life including the idea that mistakes are opportunities and her passion to continuously learn, which motivates her. She also stressed the correlation with learning, playing and imagination. Hassan Kareem president and CEO of Brotha Love Productions discussed the mindset that has led to his success in multiple areas of life including his professional photography business. He insisted that never quitting and striving to be the "first" is important as opposed to taking a "woe is me" attitude. This approach combined with his faith and surrounding himself with driven, creative and innovative people has been instrumental with his sustained success. Brotha Love provided powerful insight regarding the experiences, obstacles, and situations that have shaped him and enabled him to inspire others.

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