Chewing The Scenery

Ep. 27 Labor (Day) of Love

We've only been back for one episode in our second season, but we needed to take a VACATION! Ha! So, for Episode 27: Labor (Day) of Love, we're giving you the gift of games!! So many games! From Actor's Die So Loud with Richelle Meese to Backstage Romance with Benji Rivera and Connor Wince and even Casting Queen with Brita Filter we keep the laughs coming. And there's plenty of singing, too: Stephanie and Casey Likes, James Gish and Alan Plado, Krystina Alabado and Bob Lenzi, Rachel Redleaf and, of course, Scott and Ashley will all belt their faces off trying to win some Chewing the Scenery glory! So, sit back with your cocktails (but don't take Scott's suggestion for the secret word or you WILL be schnockered) and enjoy this very special flashback episode!

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