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Ep. 18 Jody Boyd joins Now with Jen

Jody Boyd is the founder and executive director of The Singletons, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Born and raised in Arizona, Jody attended Arcadia High School and is now married to Ted Boyd with three children: Jacky (13), Jaydah (18) and Noah (23.) From starting the nonprofit out of her home to now being able to execute tasks out of business space, The Singletons assists single parents who battle cancer with meals, household items and community connection. Since 2006, devoted to the memory of Jody’s friend, Michelle Singleton, the organization has supported over 750 single parents undergoing cancer treatment and more than 2,000 children, sometimes supporting more than 50 families a month. The Singletons has never turned away a family in need and it is Jody’s mission to continue this level of service while providing more programs for the families to participate in.

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