CLARITY with Lain Ehmann

Ep. 1 How (and Why) to Define Your Core Values for Clarity

Welcome to Clarity with Lain Ehmann! My goal for this show is simple: To help you (and me!) find clarity in a confusing world. I want to get at the truth of what’s going on in our world, and stand up to the forces that tell us it’s wrong to question, it’s wrong to disagree, and that it’s wrong to have our own opinions. But we were born with intellect, curiosity, and common sense. And I want to activate you to use it!

In Episode 1 of Clarity:

• You get to know me, your host, and why I’m qualified to address questions in politics, culture, news, family, culture, and more.

• We talk about the importance of values, how to create your own values list, and how knowing your core values will make sorting through the chaos of life much easier.

Tune in now, and define your core values so you can make better decisions in a chaotic world.

Show music: We Will Go, Courtesy of Daniel Valentino Paul

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